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Q.  What age group should my child try out for?

A.  Age groups are determined by birth year.

            Mites (8U) – 2013 and younger

            Squirts (10U) – 2011-2012

            Peewee (12U) – 2009-2010

            Bantam (14U) – 2008-2007


Q.  When are tryouts?

A.  Tryouts will be held from April 12th - April 17th.


Q.  Do I need to attend all 3 scheduled tryouts?

A.  No, while attending all tryouts is recommended, it's not necessary.


Q.  How often are practices?

A.  Practices are twice a week 1 hour long, usually following a consistent schedule throughout the season, for example, Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.


Q.  Where do practice and home games take place?

A.  All our practice and home games are at The Pond  - 9999 E. Washington St. Chagrin Falls.


Q.  How long is the season?

A.  Our season typically starts with practice in mid-August with pre-season starting in September. Regular season games are from October to early-mid February.  If the team makes playoffs the season can go to mid-March.


Q.  How many games are played during the season?

A.  Approximately 30.  It depends on the size of the division and how many tournaments the team decides to play.  Teams typically compete in 2-3 tournaments per year with 3-5 games in each tournament and 1-2 games over the weekend during the regular season.


Q.  How much does it cost for the season?

A. Price varies based on age level.


Q.  Does the team only attend local tournaments; does the team travel for out of state tournaments?

A.  Yes, there is local tournament our teams compete in and will also do 1-2 out of state tournaments.  Our past tournaments include Garfield, Columbus, Buffalo, Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Pittsburgh.


Q.  How many teams are in a division?

A.  The division is decided my Cleveland Suburban Hockey League based on pre-season game results.  You can visit their website to see past years @ www.cshlhockey.org


Q.  How many kids per team?

A.  We try for 13-16 per team, depending on tryouts.


Q.  My child has no prior hockey or skating experience, should I try out?

A.  Yes, everyone is welcome to try out.  If your child has little to no experience, we recommend a hockey development clinic to help improve their experience.  The Pond has hockey developmental programs to help beginners as well as summer camps based on age to help get the player ready for the start of the season.