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Geauga Youth Hockey Sponsorship


1.  Stanley Cup Package                                        $2,500 / year
This package includes items A, E, F and B or C*

2.  Olympic Gold Package                                      $2,000 / year
This package includes items A, E and F

3.  Olympic Silver Package                                     $1,500 / year
This package includes items B or C* plus E & F.

4.  Olympic Bronze Package                                   $1,000 / year
This package includes items C, E & F

5.  A-Team Custom Package                             $100 / player jersey / year
This package includes item D  (5 player minimum can be added to any package) 

6.  Baron's Cup Package                                        $  250 up to $500 / year  
       This package includes item E & F

7. Linker's Cup                                                       $150/year
       This package includes item F

* Only 4 available - first come basis

Note: Above package prices are based on 1 year contract
         Deduct 10% per year for three (3) year contract w/ payment in full
         Deduct 20% per year for five (5) year contract w/ payment in full   

Items offered on each of the above include...

A. Large Corporate Banner* on wall of the Pond - (click here)
     96" high x 102" wide

B. Dasherboard* (click here)
      34" high x 90" long

C. Advertisement* on Zamboni (only 2 available) (click here)
      1 - 2' x 3' on each side of the Zamboni

D. Corporate Patch on Player's Home and Away Jersey ($100/player)
      10 player minimum, Sponsor to provide patches (click here)

E. Corporate Plaque with team picture for Corporate Lobby Wall (click here)

F. Company name and/or logo on GYHA Website - link to Company Website
      one-time email blast to entire GYHA member list               (click here)
      $100 for each additional email blast
* sponsor to supply artwork